Hands Over Hearts is a company dedicated to keeping people trained in the arts of CPR and First Aid.

Our instructors are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid through the American Heart Association.  All training is in accordance with the current guidelines of the American Heart Association. 

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We have trained all types of people including those with physical handicaps, those from a variety of cultures and those who just need one-on-one attention. Our culturally diverse experience makes us the perfect choice for any setting.

We offer classes where you need them: your businessschoolnursing home and private home.  Our equipment is cleaned after session and we bring all the equipment necessary to make your experience stress free and enjoyable.

We have been in business since March 2009, and the owner has been involved in the industry for much longer.  Instructors are handpicked and trained by the owner, so that instruction is consistent, no matter who visits your facility or home.

“…. an excellent instructor and really helpful!”

“I really enjoyed learning…..I feel well prepared.”

“…informative and not boring.”

“The instructor was well prepared and did an excellent job”

“…..very helpful and gave clear instructions.”

“…..made the course understandable and made me more confident.”

CPR and First Aid Training
Teaching and Experience Since 1993
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